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What Is Semiconductor and Why Is Everyone Talking about It?

What’s a semiconductor?

A semiconductor can be defined as a substance with the properties of a conductor and an insulator both.

It can conduct electricity under certain circumstances but not always. The specifics and properties of a semiconductor make it a good medium to use electricity in a controlled manner as and where needed.

So, we can say that a semiconductor is a material that has electrical conductivity lesser than an insulator but lower than a conductor.

Semiconductors mainly give electrical conductivity between a conductor and an insulator. These are used in the manufacturing of electronic devices, cloud servers, smartphones, industrial automation, defense systems, or vital structure.

Types of Semiconductors

Semiconductors come in two main types based on the elements that are included alongside silicon, a process known as” doping.” These” impurities” are introduced to the liquid silicon to alter the properties of the finished semiconductor

1. N- Type Semiconductor

2. P-Type Semiconductor

What Is an N-Type Semiconductor?

An n-type semiconductor is an impurity-mixed semiconductor that uses pentavalent impure atoms like phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, and bismuth.

What Is a P-Type Semiconductor?

A p-type semiconductor is a type of external semiconductor that contains trivalent impurities similar to boron and aluminum which increases the position of conductivity of a normal semiconductor made purely of silicon.

The Semiconductors Industry

The world is now in a completely automated mode, where the daily designs of simple to complex components are having phenomenal changes. Though we’re impressed by the external picture of the final product, a lot of intricacies go into the modulation of some of the simplest devices. These small yet largely essential products are supplied by electronic component providers who understand the nitty-gritty of the products from a pin to gigantic industrial machines and assort the most complete details that can insure a 100 percent success rate. The Indian electronic market points out the substance for safety and security in almost every electric domain, fuelling the demand for electronic components that has eventually translated into an economic opportunity for dealers,

India is the second largest electronics component distributor in the world and has a huge demand for electronics components from consumer electronics manufacturers. Increased demand for components has given birth to online component distribution and supply in the market. There are some major players in the distribution industry which claim to have 50 Lakh products available online from top manufacturers worldwide. Mouser, Digi key, and RS Components are the leading players which hold the top position in the list of online electronics component suppliers in India.

The Bottom Line

Semiconductors literally make the world go’ around these days. Without semiconductors, we wouldn’t have computers, the internet, mobile phones, or flat-screen TVs. It’s no surprise also that the semiconductor distributors in India play a prominent part in the global economy. The sector also remains a hub of innovation, as Moore’s law continues to work its magic, producing more important microchips that are cheaper to produce over time.

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